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Annika Simmons received her first familial education of delicate stitching and construction as a child to the murmur of a needle gliding through fabric. Creating with her hands the continous thread woven throughout the tapestry of her life.

In constant competition to outdo herself, she left highschool two years ahead of schedule to attend BGSU Firelands, obtaining an Associate of Art. She attended a four year program at Columbus College of Art & Design, leaving with distinction and a Bachelor's of Fashion Design in 2012. Her heart remains steadfast to her first love: design, dedicated to managing her business and brands ever since.

She possesses an obsessive attention to detail, vivid imagination, and the wander lust of endless curiosity that have carried her through fashion shows and sales, both domestic and international.


These collections are manifestations of her mind and heart, each piece a part of who she is, a connection to the world around her. Striving to elevate all she touches to a work of art.

"Dress beautifully. Live indulgently. And let who you are shine true, all of us starstruck for having seen you."


"In every heart there is a fairy tale waiting to unfold."


This line specializing in Japanese street fashion, specifically Lolita, launched on the runway of Columbus Fashion Week in 2011 and began growing its online presence originally on the Etsy platform.


Influenced by silhouettes of the Baroque and Rococo era, it is best known for its custom print collaborations with artists like Fleur de Marie, creating 'Starry Garden' and 'Bright Star.' As well as 'Doll Maker' by Angelique Arevalo.


"You are darkness draped beneath clusters of fallen stars blanketing the earth in light. And you are beautiful."

In the Fall of 2017, the designer branched out into the world of ready to wear, focusing on minimalist designs with intricate hand stitching and beading.

This avant garde collection is inspired by a spectrum of beauty. For those who are unrivaled and cannot be defined, daring to revel in what makes us unique.

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