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There's nothing more exquisite than wearing a garment tailored to your body. We offer the highest quality in-house alterations catering to our client's needs. Whether you are getting married, or have been asked to join the bridal party, we make sure your garment is handled with the upmost care and is tailored to be as unique as you are.


Have a vintage gown worn by your mother or grandmother you want to make your own? We can work with you to breathe new life into the design.


In order to determine accurate pricing for alterations, a consultation appointment will be required, lasting approximately 30 minutes. ($15 per half hour of consultation time.) You will receive a cost estimate for your alterations or restorations at this time. If sending an inquiry about alterations you will be asked to provide a photograph to give me an idea of the design. It is important to me to understand your vision and get to know you so we can collaborate to make your day perfect.  


Every gown presents its own set of challenges, as such pricing varies upon difficulty or simplicity, use of technique and materials. For this reason, it is important to see the garment in person. 'A la cart' pricing is used to make sure you only pay for the alterations you require. For example, if your dress requires a hem, the side seams taken in and cups added, each alteration will have a separate charge.  


  1.   Be mindful of the date and time of your appointments. If you cannot make your appointment on time, or need to cancel, please let us know in advance.

  2.   Book first wedding gown fitting or consultation at least 8-10 weeks before the wedding.  Appointments for evening gowns, such as mother of the bride, bridesmaid, special occasion, etc.  require less time and may be booked as close as 2-4 weeks before the event. (Anything less than 2-3 weeks will incur a RUSH FEE.)

  3.   Bring all necessary undergarments (corsets, slips, bra) and shoes for your first fitting appointment. These items are key for an accurate fit. If you are missing any of these, we will have to reschedule the appointment.

  4.   It is typical for a bride to have two full fittings after the consultation before the wedding.  Restorations and custom work require additional fittings.

  5.   Brides should allow one to two hours for their first fitting appointment, and 30 minutes for their second and final fittings.

  6.  'Do you make house calls/appointments?' Yes. But only for final fittings. This will be considered on a case by case basis and will incur an additional fee to cover transportation expenses for gas.

  7.   Bridesmaids and special occasion appointments generally last 30 to 45 minutes.

  8.   If you would like to schedule back to back fittings on the same day for your bridal party, we will do our best to accommodate you if you tell us in advance.

  9.   Payment is due in full at first fitting appointment.

  10.   We do not clean, preserve, or steam gowns. Gown steaming will incur an additional fee.

  11. 'Can you attend the wedding and help the bride/bridal party? With bustling? Steaming? Etc.' The short answer to this is yes. I am happy to do on site tasks to assist on the special day for a fee. Each request will be considered on a case to case basis.

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