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Meet Anne. She's fairly salty about having to go on an afternoon picnic with her "better half." Especially since she's the one doing all the heavy lifting carrying around a vase of dried flowers meant for her childhood sweetheart, Victor.

The plant pot is made from an antique porcelain doll body, holding real dried flowers in a vase. The moss beneath the body is also real.

The doll measures approximately 2 ½ inches. The jewelry box is about 8 inches by 6 inches and is finished with a bright cherry wood stain both inside and out. The bottom is sealed, there is no flow throne. Perfect for succulents or cactus~they need watering once a month.

SHIPPING: Medium Priority Box

This listing DOES NOT include a LIVE succulent plant. They are for display only, but will come with fresh soil from teh garden for you to plant your own.

Beside Herself Picnic, Porcelain Doll Planter Terrarium, Jewelry Box Succulents

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