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This entire hat was carefully constructed over hours by stitching each component in place by hand, layer by layer, with a 4 ply thread and for extra security some places have been dotted with a heavy strength glue.

This delicate fascinator is constructed from a sinimay base that was trimmed with satin and bias, and that covered with a lightly shimmering silky solid. The sinimay allows for a lightweight base that can be fitted and shaped to the head. The fabric was then steamed and shaped to fit the base before being tacked on with a accenting top stitch.

The focus of this piece is a light weight acrylic glittery bird that's covered in lace and little seed beads and the beautiful ostrich feathers. The bird's plume has been delicately curled for a bit of texture. The birdie is the only element that was glued into place with a strong, heavy weight e-6000 glue. It is surrounded by different floral elements: roses, hydrangeas, small blue bells, etc.

All silky roses were then painstakingly tacked into place with hand sewing, making sure to get through the layers of fabric and plastic of the roses so as not to lose their beauty and shape.

Finally, a matching silky lining was turned and sewn in with a delicate but secure whip stitch. The fascinator features one metal silver comb, and three silver metal clip for securing it to the hair or wig.

It was featured in a fashion show and worn by both someone with extremely short hair and one with long~ it had no problem staying in with either hair length as long as bobby pins were used for extra strength.

Blue Rococo Bird Rose Floral Hat Marie Antoinette Fascinator

$90.00 Regular Price
$72.00Sale Price
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