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There once was a frail woman who lived in a small wooden cottage in the middle of a forest of fallen timbers, eyes the color of rainwater, skin the texture of fresh fallen snow. Scattered around her house were bits of cracked porcelain covered in thin layers of dust. Where others saw frailty in the splinters and jagged edges once forgotten, she saw nothing but the potential of beauty, the uniqueness of an imperfect creation coming to life. Tragic stories untold of broken bones and fragile hearts discarded, where the passage of time inverts and the pieces rejoin to form lovely dolls with sullen eyes and faint smiles. The Doll Maker longed to tell these stories and present the world with the broken imperfections of form. For what are the jagged fractures of our souls and scars if not maps of untold lives and pin pricks of starlight to guide us home?

Chatelaine x Real Scissors x Chain x Cameo x Heart and Filigree Connectors

(Be careful these scissors are sharp and they are a bit heavy!)

Doll Maker: Victorian Chatelaine Chain Scissors Necklace or Belt

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