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Meet Colette. The enchanted fae who can be occasionally found slumbering in slumbering on the slender petals of lilies well until the sun has turned golden.

This one of a kind porcelain doll sculpture is crafted from found objects: porcelain lily of the valley base, doll head, faux silk flowers and vines, gold metal hoop.

It does light up and can be used as a nightlight in the dark. Battery pack is secured on the base.

Doll Light: 11 inches tall, 8 inches wide
Battery pack lighting: comes with 2 batteries

Do not use this in place of a regular lamp. Decorative use only.

SHIPPING: Medium Priority Box

Original porcelain bisque dolls excavated in Germany. This is breakable so handle with care.

Enchanted Fae of Lily of the Valley Porcelain Bisque Doll Head Night Light

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