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Thousands of tiny stitches were used to create this embroidery fiber art in tribute to Hannibal while I and the rest of fannibals await patiently for season four and mourn the loss of Murder Husbands. This piece features Hannibal on the left in white and mirrored on the right in black is the face of Will Graham, both are wearing the face masks worn during their incarceration at the BSHCI.

Black satin embroidery floss was used to stitch Will's face, and white satin embroidery floss to create the face of Hannibal It is stitched on black and ivory dupioni silk, backed with simple muslin layers, and gathered/stitched around two layers of hard plastic oval cut to size for stability before placed into a frame.

The antique brass metal filigree frame was both painted in black patina and spray paint to give it a luster and shine.

This piece was started in November of 2015 and completed March 2016.

Inside Measurements: 5 x 4 inches
Frame Measurements: 7 1/2 x 6 inches
(Comes with metal loop drilled into back, ready to hang.)

Hannibal x Will Graham, Hannigram x Murder Husbands BSHCI Mask Embroidery

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