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(Note: The bevel base has changed slightly, and is more scalloped than pictured.)


This ring features tiny little Pound Cake from My Little Pony, gazing out from his snowy heaven and frolicking through the pink hearts floating through the air. Pound Cake is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cake and the brother of Pumpkin Cake, where they all live happily at Sugarcube Corner in Ponyville and are sometimes privileged to play with Pinkie Pie their babysitter.

The snow globe is hand blown glass, and as such can break if dropped. The bezel ring is a scallop alloy metal, and is glued to a filigree ring base. The little charm is surrounded by very tiny glass beads for snow.

Gold Ring: 20 mm (adjustable)
Globe: 35 mm
Character: 2 inch tall



Large My Little Pony Pound Cake in Glass Snow Globe Ring Terrarium Miniature

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