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Meet Laurent. (Pronounced like Yves St. Laurent) They are called the Sunflower Prince. You will find their bright blue eyes gazing up at the sun in the East in the morning, and watching the stars fall come evening. Ever a mischievous soul, you will find them frolicking through the gardens and playing hide and seek with the butterflies. Sometimes they grow sleepy and lie down in a bed of sunflowers, eyes slowly blinking closed.

This one of a kind porcelain doll sculpture is crafted from found objects of sunflowers, metal jewelry stands, plastic and faux floral pieces, and encased in a glass dome cloche terrarium jar. The base has been stained with cherry wood finish and is covered in faux vines and leaves.

It does light up and can be used as a nightlight in the dark. Battery pack is hidden and secured inside the inner base.

The glass dome top is REMOVABLE and breakable so be careful when picking it up.

Glass terrarium: 20 inches tall, 10 inches wide
Battery pack lighting: comes with 4 AA batteries

Do not use this in place of a regular lamp. Decorative use only.

SHIPPING: Large Priority Box

Laurent the Sunflower Prince, Porcelain Doll a Glass Cloche Nightlight

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