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Curious Celeste was a curious girl. Her mother always warned her to stay away from the glowing koi fountain in the middle of Gossamer Forest, even if it was a short cut and the quickest way to return home from school. One day she caught the glow of the fountain streaming through the thick forest and decided a quick peek wouldn't hurt. The winking fireflies beckoned her close and as she leaned over the crumbling stone edge, smile spreading on her face, the vines sprang up from the ground and wrapped around her legs, and it was too late. She was never seen again. Some say you can still see her foot prints from where she once stood. The plant pot is made from an antique porcelain doll legs, wearing cute ivory knit leggings and wearing adorable baby blue saddle shoes. It is covered in fake vines and four leaf clovers. The doll measures approximately 3 ½ inches. The base is a real slice of birchwood tree that has a bright cherry wood stain. The bottom is sealed, there is no flow throne. Perfect for succulents or cactus~they need watering once a month.


SHIPPING: Medium Priority BoxThis listing DOES include a LIVE real succulent plant to get you started. Having never tried to ship these before, we cannot guarantee the little plant will survive it's journey through the post to your house. If you would rather plant your own, we can take the succulents out before they travel to you!

This listing DOES NOT include a LIVE succulent plant. They are for display only, but will come with fresh soil from teh garden for you to plant your own.

Lost in the Woods, Porcelain Doll Legs Planter Terrarium, Succulents

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