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Original digital illustration of original characters, Peter Moreau (right) and Elias Svendsen (left), born from the artist's written works of the complex history and relationship of two soft boys in love, each with their unique struggles of understanding and accepting themselves, each other, and finding solace in the home of one another.


This piece reads: ' Love knows no limits, beauty has no bounds.' A reaction to society's need to violentely repress and conform all that they fear (love, beauty, spectrum of indentity) that is different, that they cannot and willnot understand due to willful ignornance. We love because we are human, regardless of apperance, race, gender, sexual orientation, or even if those are, or are not, part of their identity. We use fashion and make up as a means of self expression, it has no gender. We disregard labels of 'masculine' and 'feminine' for gender equality, for a spectrum, for aesthetic.  What makes us unique, how we present the canvas of ourselves, is what is beautiful. 


This was drawn after witnessing the seeds of repression and conformity take shape as a young boy was berated publically by a shop assistant: 'young men don't get to play with makeup. It's only for girls.' The shame, humiliation, and confusion that blossomed on his face brought me anger and tears.


Beauty and gender are social constructs. We are not borne with shame, it's learned. And our society starts early on boys: toughen up, don't cry, girl stuff is only for girls. If that's not successful, we beat traits of feminity out of them, by parents or kids at school. They'll think twice about even glancing at something "girly." We tell boys to be emotional cripples, masculine, by their own doing or the hand of the patriarchy offering rituals to strip self esteem, to teach them what's the "right" way to act, to look, to dress, and stay silent. This is mandatory, detrimental isolation and repression, and it's toxic bullshit, leading to bottled up anger. Society developed labels, evolved cruelty to enforce them, and wonders what could possibly be contributing to deadly mass shootings.

One more time: Beauty and gender are social constructs. No matter who you are: Be soft. Be sensitive. Be the best version of who you are. Who you want to be. Wear whatever the hell you want and tell everyone else to kindly fuck off.


Listing for one print only: 5x7" quality detailed matte art print of a digital illustration printed on thick cardstock with rich color. (Without digital watermark.) Will be signed and dated.

'Love knows no limits' 5x7 Print of Digital Illustration, Soft Boys

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