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A decadent OP designed in the popular style and silhouette worn during the Rococo era by powerful, elegant ladies such as Marie Antoinette and Madame du Pompadour.

The outer fabric is made from a lightweight cotton featuring intricate floral cameo designs. Inside these frames are sweetly demure ponies like you might find on antique carousels. The chiffon is a two tone ivory which means it has an elegant, luminescent shimmering quality and is very delicate. This design is also accented with an ivory silky satin for a touch of elegance.

The bodice features delicate princess seams at center front to create an elegant tailor and fit against the body, accented by decorative top stitching and rose scallop lace carefully dyed by hand to match the garment. Gathered chiffon creates a scallop along scooped neckline that dips low in the back to expose the curves of the shoulder blades, dotted with tiny pearl beading. Petite echelle ribbons made from satin and organza line the front of the bodice, also accenting the sleeves.

The sleeves are fitted with a light gathering at the shoulder, slim down the arm until the elbow. Gorgeous pagoda bell sleeves flare out just beneath the elbow, carefully top stitched and trimmed with an airy, shimmering chiffon which peeks out from its curved edges. Scalloped chiffon and tiny pink pearls ring the top of the bell sleeve, accented by petite echelle ribbons. The bell sleeves are actually lined with the matching silky satin from the center front skirt to create a luxurious accent.

The skirt is the most complex part of this design. It's created with 3 panels on the outside, where 20 yards of chiffon was cut in a continous length, serged, rolled with a narrow hem, top stitched and then gathered and attached to create the ruffle at the hem. Next, 8 yards of chiffon was cut in a continuous length, serged, turned, pinned and then stitched into place by hand. To create the scallops, we then had to go back over the chiffon and gather it in measured increments, and then had to stitch the ribbons created on separately by hand. (This same process was also used at the neckline and at the sleeves.)

At center back, four rows of elastic allowing for the ease and comfort of a shirred center back, while yards of satin ribbon weave to and fro tying neatly into a bow at the waist. The ribbon is carefully threaded through a scalloped rose trim to create the appearance of a corset like effect.

The skirt is gathered at the waist and is cut with more of an a-line shape showing off 3 yards of fabric, and can fit up to 2-4 petticoats depending on their size and shape, with a hem circumference of 108 inches.

This dress is fully lined. All seams have been finished with either a French seam or Hong Kong bias, with additional serged edges. An invisible side zipper allows for easy on or off. The generous hem was finished with a simple top stitch.

In total there are roughly 30 yards of chiffon in this piece alone, 20 petite echelle ribbons, 44 tiny pink pearls, and over 40 gathered bits of chiffon to create the scallop effect.

(Note: Chemical laces are delicate. Please be careful, and do not pull too tightly on the ribbon as this will cause the lace to fray or break. It is merely meant as delicate decoration, not for tightening the bodice. Dyed laces may not be perfectly even as I am doing them by hand.)

Size 6, Size 8
Bust: 32-36"
Waist: 25-28"
Length: 27 inches, 30 inches with chiffon ruffle

Marie Antoinette Sweetly Dreaming Rococo Pony Carousel OP Dress

$330.00 Regular Price
$297.00Sale Price
Color: Ivory