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"He left us his broken heart."

A miniature diorama created to represent the cathedral of NBC's Hannibal in Season 3. Eight months after the fateful night in Doctor Lecter's kitchen of 'Mizumono,' Will sets sail in search of Hannibal with only the clue 'a skull graven in the floor' of the Norman Chapel in Palermo, Italy. (Based on a real cathedral in Italy called the Cappella Palatina.) Where he discovers Hannibal has left him a gift, a symbol of his mortality, a morbid Valentine folded from Anthony Dimmond's mutilated body.

"A valentine written on a broken man,” Will utters softly.

"He left us his broken heart," Abigail returns.

This little homage has over thirty overs of work in it. Carved and painted from balsa wood, wood trimmings, and shaped paper mache/plastic. The base is 1/4 inch thick balsa wood that is sanded and painted.

The stained glass designs of Will and Hannibal as saints are intricate designs digitally painted in Photoshop and pieced together on an antique reproduction of "Magnolia and Irises" 1908. When held near a window, the light does shine through creating a realistic stained glass cathedral appearance.

After sourcing dozens of public domain photos of the real Cappella Palatina, they were digitized and stitched together piece by piece to create the chapel dome and wall for a seamless design. The floor, based on the one in the ficitious Norman Chapel with the skull, was recreated in Illustrator and Photoshop. After this, I stitched together real life photos of the Cappella Palatina tile floor, and meshed the two designs together. Then I carefully sanded, and glazed it with resin, so it appears to shine like marble.

Hannibal's human 'valentine' for Will is sculpted from clay, painted and dusted with chalk pastels, painted again, and then set to bake. The 3 swords were created from found objects and pierce the heart. Fake blood drips down the heart and swords.

Finally, moonlights were carefully laced through the center of the cathedral, attached to its inner walls, and wraps the back sides of the stained glass designs, so when it lights up, the entire miniature emits a soft cool glow.

Norman Chapel: 16 inches tall, 10 inches wide, 14 inches front to back
Moon Lights: Battery Operated, Switch

SHIPPING: Medium- Large Priority Box

Miniature Norman Chapel, Cappella Palatina Cathedral, NBC Hannibal