This decadent design features a lovely, intricate rose print with Baroque frames setting off angels and cherubs flying among them. With a lovely scoop neckline, the bodice is set off by lovely princess seams accented with decorative top stitching for a hint of elegance.

The back of the bodice features a low scooped neckline, in an attempt to accent the shoulder blades should the dress be worn without a blouse beneath it. In the back, five rows of elastic allowing for the ease and comfort of a shirred center back, while yards of satin ribbon weave to and fro tying neatly into a bow at the waist.

The wine colored ribbon is carefully threaded through the scalloped edge trim to create the appearance of a corset like effect. The chemical lace trim was carefully dyed in vats of tea to create a more natural, off white color.

The skirt is pleated at the waist, pressed into place about halfway down the dress, and then left to flare out at the bottom for a more dramatic feel stylized after 50s garment silhouettes. It is cut with more of an a-line shape which gives the look and feel of the garment something more classic in style, showing off about 2 plus yards of fabric.

This colorway and print is gorgeous, and photos simply cannot do it justice. The print is extremely detailed in both illustration, design, and color with even the smallest details like the gilded frames etched into its fabric. Set off by a very light pink background, golden and red roses bloom along its diamond shaped lattice, weaving to and fro, tied off by matching ribbon and bows. Delicate leaves and petals outstretch to the gilded, Baroque frames beneath them with clusters of larger roses surrounding them. Housed in each frame is a scene of beautiful cherubs hovering among the sky, whispering sweet hymns in each others ears softly.

This dress is fully lined. All seams have been finished with either a French seam or Hong Kong bias, with additional serged edges. An invisible side zipper allows for easy on or off. The generous hem was finished with an invisible stitch by hand.

(Note: The chemical laces, particularly the scalloped edge, is delicate. Please be careful, and do not pull too tightly on the ribbon as this will cause the lace to fray or break. It is merely meant as delicate decoration, not for tightening the bodice.)

*Size 6, Size 8
-Bust: 32 inches.... max stretch: 36 inches
-Waist: 24 inches..... max stretch: 27 inches
-Hips: Loose
-Skirt Full Length: 22" from waist to hem ; knee length

Sweet Hymn of Angels JSK Dress

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Color: Ivory