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Meet Princess Victoria. Every night beneath the watchful eye of the sixteenth moon, the princess searches the stars strung in the heavens until she found the brightest glimmering near Ganymede. Hears a hushed whisper echo with tears in her eyes, "If I am ever to fall, may my soul be strewn across the night sky, where you will always find me, and we will never be truly parted. And when you fade from the Earth, my star, we will be together again and watch over those who remain, wanderers, searching for their own constellation."

This one of a kind porcelain doll sculpture is crafted from found objects of sunflowers, metal jewelry stands, plastic and faux floral pieces, and encased in a glass dome cloche terrarium jar. The base has been stained with cherry wood finish.

It does light up and can be used as a nightlight in the dark. The lamp cord comes out from the inner base and can be plugged in to any wall socket with two prongs.

The glass dome top is REMOVABLE and breakable so be careful when picking it up.

Glass terrarium: 20 inches tall, 10 inches wide
Lamp power cord: four feet long, comes with lightbulb (dollhead is removable if bulb needs future replacement)

Do not use this in place of a regular lamp. Decorative use only.

SHIPPING: Large Priority Box

Victoria, Princess of Stars, Porcelain Doll in Glass Dome Cloche Lamp

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