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Inspired one day when, in passing conversation, the designer turned to someone and said, "Would you kindly shut the fuck up?"

The design is an antique pattern for embroidering or cross stitching floral wreaths. After being digitally inked and colored, it was printed on a high sheen satin fabric. Each patch was then cut out by hand, fused with two different kinds of interfacing, backed with heavy white bull denim and finished with several layers of silky machine satin stitches to finish the edging.

You can delight in choosing from several elegantly enunciated profanties such as:

"Would you kindly shut the fuck up?"
"Would you kindly fuck off."
"Would you kindly go straight to hell?"
"Would you kindly drop dead."

3.5 x 3.5 inches

These are not backed with iron on adhesive and must be sewn on, either by machine or hand.

*** "Why do these cost more than average patches? ***
These patches are entirely handmade. NOT manufactured. Assembly and edge stitching takes about an hour per patch. This does not include the time spent on the digital designs themselves.

"Would You Kindly" Fuck Off, Go to Hell, Drop Dead, STFU, Satin Jacket Patches

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